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Application Management Services

Maximizing profit requires the effort of restructure and reorganization.  That is exactly what the Application Management Services (AMS) executes–efficiency.  By providing expertise, quality, and precision in software support, it becomes favorable to repurpose employee efforts and help you execute your true ventures.

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Time is money.  Speed makes time.  Hana is speed.  SAP HANA alters your data base, turning your processes into split seconds.  What does that mean for you? Efficiency. Echelon can help you make the HANA migration.

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the easy and simple solution to diminish challenges, increase your productivity, and, thus, help your company focus on its mission.  Answer your strategic and operational questions through analysis of past and present to better the future.

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At Echelon, we have come across B2B managers trying to cobble solutions from a variety of technologies and providers and investing majority of their budgets in integrating applications that were NOT architected to work together.  Our role is to consult with you and look at the technologies that you have adopted and what are your business objectives.

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