SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (Mll) is a horizontal integration tool used in the manufacturing landscape to
communicate between shop floor applications and corporate enterprise systems, allowing manufacturers to improve production, lower costs, and optimize energy consumption.

SAP Manufacturing Execution System (MES) integrates your business and manufacturing processes to help you run efficient, high- quality production on the shop floor. It also enables manufacturers to drive down production time and costs, repair expenses, and inventory levels.

With the real-time manufacturing intelligence and visibility that SAP Mll offers, manufacturers can run digital operations that connect employees, equipment, and operations. You can boost employee productivity on the shop floor, receive Big Data manufacturing analytics, and define and standardize metrics and KPI’s.

Companies that have implemented SAP Mll are now at a whole new level of global competitiveness. Benefits include:
• Increased plant productivity
• Amplified operational efficiency
• Optimized asset use
• Improved production quality
• Reduced waste

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