SuccessFactors Environment Solutions & Services

A major challenge for today’s large organizations is finding efficient and cost-effective cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solutions. These intuitive solutions are key to driving organizational performance and reducing HR operational complexity. An issue for these companies is, how do they transform their existing HR practices to SuccessFactor-driven best practices?

Also, for a human resource information system (HRIS) to provide maximum results, components such as repeatable implementation processes, methodologies, project management and controls, and process optimization and alignment tools are of critical importance.

Echelon focuses on tactical implementations of SAP Human Capital Management solutions, both SuccessFactors and SAP HCM On-premise solutions. We partner with our customers to move them beyond transactional HR to strategic HCM.

Due to innovation in HCM and HRIS technology, many SAP services partners measure their success by how quickly they can get SuccessFactors up and running for their clients, rather than asking the question if it’s really the right fit to begin with.

Echelon’s Platinum-level consultants deliver full-lifecycle support and ongoing support, focusing on optimizing both solutions and processes for our clients. We support both IT and HR business teams in planning, implementing and sustaining your solutions.

Our strategic partner hyperCision has created an enterprise business solution called ASCEND that streamlines information and lowers costs for your SuccessFactors implementation. This enterprise business solution supports your transition from transactional to strategic HR.

ASCEND offers 3 levels of solution services scaled to meet your business needs. ASCEND’s configuration is based on a best practices template, which provides a step-by-step strategic roadmap that streamlines and enhances an integrated SuccessFactors implementation.

ASCEND Solutions Basic
ASCEND Solutions Basic is perfect for an organization that doesn’t already have a solution in place, so neither data migration nor existing systems integration is a concern.

ASCEND Solutions Plus
ASCEND Solutions Plus is tailored for organizations that may already have existing HCM software in place and would like to replace them with SuccessFactors solutions.

ASCEND Solutions Premier
ASCEND Solutions Premier supports multi-site and potentially international organizations that utilize complex legacy HCM solutions and would prefer to replace them with SuccessFactors solutions.

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