Company Overview

Echelon Solutions Group LLC, an SAP-certified partner, is an expert-level consultancy providing comprehensive services and solutions to clients. Headquartered in Chicago, Echelon was founded in 2009 by ex-SAP leaders with 20+ years of experience in practice building, SAP consulting and business solutions. Our proven competency in SAP solutions and commitment to excellence enables us to build trusted and lasting relationships with our clients and partners.

The Echelon Effect

The word “Echelon” is borrowed from a term used in cycling. Professional cyclists striving to achieve the best possible results partner with other cyclists in an echelon to slip through the wind and go faster than they could possibly go alone. An effective echelon requires Trust, Communication, Excellence and, above all, Collaboration. At Echelon Solutions Group, we use these values as the foundation of our business.


Our philosophy is to deliver business results in our clients’ challenging technical environments by leveraging SAP experts who have a passion for excellence.


Echelon’s founding partners believe in fostering innovation with our clients by delivering simple enterprise solutions to complex business problems and optimizing processes to maximize efficiency.

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