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Full Stack Dot Net Developer

Full Time

Pune, Hyderabad

Job Responsibilities

• BAs primary function is ticket resolution, and any excess time gets sent to enhancements. Sometimes this group does project work.
• Hard core web development, some DBA, and on the application side it is specific to tandem application knowledge.
• Classical developer/QA background is more what we are looking for. Development language is RPG.
• Cognos, Java, RPG, etc. should be recognized as skillsets. System admin stuff
• On the application side, if it’s packaged them we should find an overarching package expert
• Cobal, .net, JAVA, SQL, rest services, PHP, RPG, pref


Job Experience

• Minimum 8 – 10 years of experience.
• Should be from manufacturing and Distribution background. Should be able to speak to business applications or consumer applications.
• Must have experience with REST, SOAP architecture


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