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Our Employees


“Echelon’s true focus is on Client and Employee.  We care more about the partnership than the up sale, and more about the Employee’s life balance than the Utilization.  Echelon is the only organization I have seen where all levels of the organization are ready/willing to roll up their sleeves and help the client or employee.  It is truly special in that way!” 

Paul Mercer  

“I decided to join Echelon Solutions Group almost 2 years ago and it has proved to be a worthy experience for me. I have been able to develop myself both personally and professionally. I have had many opportunities for growth with the support of other employees and mentors. It is a great place to work as it is a diverse organization with talented people, great leadership, as well as a collaborative culture. ESG also provides their employees the empowerment to deliver the most outstanding customer service, which results in happy clients and in turn makes a positive work environment. I am very happy to be a part of this organization and look forward to many more years with ESG.” 

Ankit Bharti  

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I have been with Echelon since 2018 and I am proud to say I have been here since the beginning of Echelon India Division. The experiences I have gained along the way are irreplaceable and valuable to my career growth. Every day I work with dedicated great co-employees from across the globe, everything is a team effort, and every day presents new challenges to overcome. I am thankful to the Leadership of the company who cares much about employees and bind them like a family.

Kulbir Singh  

“”I have been associated with Echelon for the last year, and my experience has been fantastic. The company has given me numerous opportunities to broaden my horizons. Great mentorship and encouragement from the leadership team have been a motivation for my consistent performance. 

I am thankful for the leadership team, my team members, and everyone in the organization, for all the support. I am grateful to be a part of this team. 

Joining Echelon was a big turning point in my career.”

Anisha Pawar  


What We Do?

We help organizations turn into Intelligent Enterprises by assisting at every step of their digital transformation journey.

Who We Help?

We help global companies throughout diverse industries and offer industry-specific solutions.

Why Choose Us?

Echelon puts end-user client experience first and adapt as per your business needs through effective collaboration.

Rethink your Business Strategy.
Prepare your Organization for the Digital Age.

Echelon SAP solutions can assist you in reshaping your company’s future. Expedite your digital transformation journey.