Disruption, though challenging, offers financial leaders an opportunity to transform their organizations with progressive and aggressive changes and strategies. Equipped with the right resources to proactively respond to change, financial leaders can forge a new set of standards in their organizations, enabling their teams to succeed in uncertain business environments. Below are the services, our Financial Practice will provide to help guide your organization and teams through the recovery and planning for the future process.

Learn more about how we can support successful change during this climate:

FICO Data 360 Degree Assessment & Rationalization

The FICO (Finance and Controlling) rationalization assessment will perform a deep dive analysis, cleansing and harmonization of key data elements that impact financial statements and processes.



Cash Liquidity 360 Degrees Assessment ​

The Cash Liquidity assessment will deliver a detailed assessment of the expected cash receipts vs cash disbursements on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.  This data will also be used to identify opportunities for discount rationalization.




Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting in the New Scenario

The budgeting, planning and forecasting assessment will assist customers with the redistribution of new budgeted dollars, introduce SMART Planning with key figures, scenario planning for the best and worst cases, and forecasting the future with today’s actuals and tomorrow’s planning versions.


CFO Offering & Assessment

The CFO Offering and Assessment will give the organization the ability to seek multiple opportunities at once to help get to a steadier state.  This offering will help analyze, rationalize, and create decision-ready documentation for opportunities to help steady the current and normalize the future.