Disruption, though challenging, offers leaders an opportunity to transform their organizations with progressive leadership strategies. Equipped with the right resources to proactively respond to change, leaders can forge a more change-ready culture in their organizations, enabling their teams to succeed in uncertain business environments. Below are services, our Change Management Practice will provide to help guide your organization and teams through the recovery process. 

Learn more about how we can support successful change during this climate: 

Change Impact  Assessment 

Echelon will perform a change impact assessment examining the detailed impacts that will arise to your systems, commerce, customer supply chain, operations, and experience. 



 Business Change Continuity Planning ​

Echelon provides business continuity services that guides in: 

  • Building corporate support and commitment ​ 
  • Identifying critical services/functions ​ 
  • Identifying regulatory requirements and service level agreements ​ 
  • Identifying required skill sets and staff allocation ​ 
  • Preparing the action plan​ 
  • Implementation and documentation​ 


Business Impact Analysis 

Change impact mitigation plans, documentation, and strategies to support change impact analysis. 


Change Capability  Assessment ​ 

The change capability assessment determines an organizations’ ability to be change resilient during times of change. ​Results will align with the 10 change resiliency indicators to establish a baseline and targeted change, training, and communications strategies. ​ 


Business Readiness Assessment 

A business readiness assessment is completed in order to identify the impact of an intended change on a target group​.  Through this process, we will also establish criteria and evidence in which an organization is ready for the change in areas including but not limited to leadership, physical workplace, suppliers, support, and training.​




Visioning & Strategy 

Well-defined visions for a company’s processes, organizations, and technology are the foundation for any successful transformation.  They set the course for the project’s goals, priorities, timeframe, budget and so much more.  Without a well-defined vision and project strategy, the team cannot start planning for success.  Echelon is a clear choice for driving this visioning and strategy.