Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturer

Implementation of SAP IS-Automotive solution with Vehicle Management System (VMS) as the central component to manage the vehicle production process.

  •  Integration of VMS with external configurator, batch actions to create vehicles and sales order when commitments released by sales company.
  •  Generation of optimized production schedules though SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO) Model Mix Planning and Sequencing
  •  Release firm production schedule to shop floor, using custom VMS actions to generate VIN, shop floor papers, labels
  •  Integration to shop floor through SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII) to capture information as vehicle order moved through the factory. Shop floor data (i.e. serialized components) is written to the vehicle record.
  •  Shop floor also triggers High Volume Backflush, posting goods issues for the components required by each order at each report point
  •  Integration to outbound logistics company to arrange for delivery of finished vehicle to dealers.

The end solution provided the benefit of all vehicle information being captured in VMS, but with no manual entry or user interaction. All actions are completely automated and triggered by interface or batch jobs that run based on vehicle status. From a business perspective, the customer is able to receive orders from the dealers, purchase parts from suppliers, schedule vehicles through body, paint, and generally assembly, issue parts as they are installed, post Goods Receipt of the finished vehicle, and then post Goods Issue and invoices when the vehicle is loaded on the outbound trailer.