Echelon Solutions Group and Bridge-X Announces a Successful SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud platform Go-Live with Sloan Global Holdings

Echelon Solutions Group, LLC, a premier SAP partner and Sloan Global Holdings together announced a Successful SAP Hybris commerce Cloud platform Go-Live this [DATE]. Sloan Global Holdings known for their focus on the digital transformation for customer engagement and constant thrive to grow up with technology, decided to grab the opportunity to build a platform that is disruptive to the conventional business models enabling a defensible competitive advantage.

Initially, Sloan had just one CX platform that had marketing, sales, commerce and service integrated within. Sloan wanted Echelon to replace their existing web channel that had the old SAP commerce solution to be modernized to an ordering channel that would be an integration of the SAP commerce Cloud with as many multiple channels as possible. 

Echelon and their partner- BridgeX along with Sloan worked towards building the SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud Platform. This digital transformation journey was challenging due to the complex business structure- with multiple entities involved, extensive product catalogues, format maintenance and product attributes. 

The successful implementation of the SAP Commerce Cloud platform resulted in smooth ordering processes for customers, systematic quotations generation, sales representative accelerator, ASM – Assisted Service Mode for Customer Service Reps, customer self services, product syndication model, product and PCM. 

Sloan has embraced the digital upgrade to the SAP Hybris commerce cloud for it’s business growth. The implementation process integrates all the functioning entities into one single e commerce platform such as service, sales, marketing and commerce. Echelon is grateful towards Sloan for choosing us to guide them through the implementation process, enabling them to be ready for C/4HANA and CPQ.” – says Aditya Bahl, CEO, Echelon Solutions Group

About Echelon Solutions Group, LLC
Echelon Solutions Group is a end-to-end SAP Cloud based solutions provider including Strategy, Implementation and Support for SAP S/4HANA onprem, Sap S/HANA Cloud(multi tenant and single tenant). SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Integrated Business Planning and Customer Solutions. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Chicago, Echelon’s service model includes delivery and support from North America and India.

About Sloan Valve

Sloan Valve Company is a privately-owned American company specializing in plumbing valves and fixtures. Headquartered in Franklin Park, Illinois, the company is at the forefront of the green building movement and provides sustainable restroom solutions by manufacturing water and energy-efficient products such as flushometers, electronic faucets, sink systems, soap dispensing systems and vitreous china fixtures for commercial, industrial and institutional markets worldwide.

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