• $2.5 Billion in revenue
  • Market-leading manufacturer of tools, engineering components and advanced materials
  • Global footprint – distributors, customers located in all major industrial markets of the world
BridgeX with Hybris for B2B Distribution


  • Ability to support global brands for serving different markets
  • Integration of Partner Channel management processes with B2B commerce
  • Self-administered B2B sites for distributors and resellers
  • Solution Benefits for Distributors
  • Access to real-time product information
  • Manage scheduling agreements and returns processes


  • Echelon increased the E­-Commerce Revenue and Product Inquiry Accuracy
  • Echelon Improved Self-Service Capabilities and decreased in Cart Abandonment
  • Echelon provided additional Extended Solution Deployments via Connect API
  • During deployment Bridge-x Connect was configured and set up to support 15 languages and users in 4 continents
  • The company has experienced a significant increase in key metrics such as number of product inquiries, sales order volumes and user counts