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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

An Effort to Restore the Wellbeing of Communities

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the new challenges have changed the way we live especially impacting the daily wage earners. In these times of adversity, we have held hands with a few Charity organizations in India and the US, responding to the immense challenges faced by humankind. As the world faces these unprecedented crises, we are attempting to answer the call to service to restore the wellbeing of the communities during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing meals and nutrition for those in need.

Echelonites in India and the US have put kindness in action and began giving back to the society in the form of humble donations and we hope you join us in this mission of community restoration.

The effort to defeat hunger is huge and requires everyone, everywhere to pitch in whatever little they can. Echelon has tied with the below charities to help the COVID19 affected and people in needy. To make a difference, you can donate today.



Atlanta Community Food Bank
Greater Chicago Food Depository
Deborah's Place
Response Net
India Food Banking Network

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