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IT Opportunities During Times of Uncertainty

Security and Privacy

Mitigating risk

With the work environment shifting to more remote work, there is an increased risk to security and privacy that calls for having a robust and well-defined risk management strategy and program. Building a risk management plan needs to incorporate such things as:
• Cyber Security Policy
• Operational Risks
• Physical Security Risks
• Application Layer Risks
• Platform Risks
• Third-Party Risks for partners and other relationships
• Network Risks
Analyzing the current policy and adapting to the present environment is critical with the new paradigm shift being forced upon us.

Threat identification and mitigation

Threats in the IT environment are getting more sophisticated and prevalent. With more of your workforce working remotely and possibly on non-company issued equipment you have less control over the devices connected to your network. Having robust intrusion protection and threat identification is critical to protect your assets, your customers and your employees. A comprehensive strategy and plan that addresses breaches and penetrations through viruses, ransomware, adware and a host of other threats are paramount. It is also important to protect against other attacks such as fraud through phishing, hacking and identity usurpation. It all starts with a comprehensive analysis and plan.

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