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IT Opportunities During Times of Uncertainty

CIO Offerings

Business Alignment – IT and business goals

Traditional IT disaster recovery plans are geared towards getting the IT platforms back up and running in case of a physical disaster or a critical impact to system hardware or software. These plans often do not consider disruptions to the environment of the people running the business. The current situation facing the business community has highlighted the need to have plans that can be enacted when the physical location of the employees is not viable for continued operation. Business Continuity plans should go hand in hand with Disaster Recovery plans to provide a comprehensive response to any situation that could reasonably be encountered in modern business operations.

IT strategy and road map – short- and long-term needs
Managing expectations
Portfolio management

Many companies have license agreements for hardware and software that they have not revisited since implementation of systems. In many cases, there are opportunities to reduce or transfer licenses based on changing needs of the business. In some cases, the cost of maintenance and support is great enough that it could defray a significant portion of the price to upgrade to more modern software with more value-added functionality that supports current best practices.​

Efficiency and optimization – freeing up resources
IT Governance

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