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IT Opportunities During Times of Uncertainty

People and Teams

Team productivity and performance analysis

The pressures on companies to perform and to “weather the current storm” mean that all teams and individuals must deliver more results with fewer resources than ever before. The productivity and performance of teams and individuals is paramount to the success of an organization which can no longer afford to carry anyone who is not contributing fully. This can be a hard thing to analyze internally and is usually easier for a neutral third-party partner to assist with. Objective measures and industry-standard benchmarks can help determine if there is a lack of productivity in any area as well as determine the cause and provide steps to increase productivity. This can include personnel or process changes as well as training and development suggestions.
• Cyber Security Policy
• Operational Risks
• Physical Security Risks
• Application Layer Risks
• Platform Risks
• Third-Party Risks for partners and other relationships
• Network Risks
Analyzing the current policy and adapting to the present environment is critical with the new paradigm shift being forced upon us.

Skills and competency evaluation

Having the right mix of skills at the right competency level can mean the difference between success in implementations as well as support in an organization. A thorough skill set review of team members in relation to the expectations of the teams can help determine where skills need to be shored up and where development is required. Identifying where skills are underutilized and where changes in assignments and organization can help drive productivity or value is also critical when you are trying to optimize resource talent. Sometimes providing temporary help to fill gaps or provide knowledge transfer is required to bridge the gap in addressing requirements.

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