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IT Opportunities During Times of Uncertainty

Program / Project Planning

Building a PMO

Many companies and IT organizations manage projects without having a formal Project Management Office (PMO) or equivalent oversight. Often projects are assigned to available managers or staff based and are expected to be run along with their other responsibilities. This can have the effect of processes and standards only being as good as the experience of the person who gets assigned. By setting up a formal PMO structure with standards, methodology, and practices an IT organization can get more consistent positive results, reduce department and business stress and usually lower overall implementation costs of projects.
• Cyber Security Policy
• Operational Risks
• Physical Security Risks
• Application Layer Risks
• Platform Risks
• Third-Party Risks for partners and other relationships
• Network Risks
Analyzing the current policy and adapting to the present environment is critical with the new paradigm shift being forced upon us.

Project and activity prioritization

In the current environment resources and funding will be stretched and all activities will have to be prioritized so that the ones with the greatest return and the ones that can return greater benefits in the short term can be addressed and others will have to be delayed. Understanding the potential return of projects and department activities is crucial to this analysis. Assistance from a partner who has worked with many companies in many industries and can give real-world experience to which initiatives have real short term paybacks can greatly assist companies in deciding what projects and activities will return the biggest benefits for the lowest consumption of scarce resources.

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