With the HANA Suite SAP is completely re-defining their database technology impacting their application platform architecture by introducing an innovative in-memory data platform that opens innumerable possibilities in the analytics space by making advanced real-time analytics work in parallel with real-time transaction loads.
SAP’s in-memory database technology is leading the innovation in business intelligence and analytics. However, this change affects the application logic written for pre-HANA times owing to a completely new database structure with a new analytical and transactional engine.

Echelon provides end-to-end services for SAP HANA including HANA cloud migration. With SAP HANA services, we provide you with the performance and agility you need for your business critical analytics while remaining cost effective.

Our SAP HANA suite of services includes
• Solution Architecture
• HANA Installation and Configuration
• HANA Administration
• Data Integration
• HANA Modeling
• Visualization
• BW Upgrades and Migrations

Echelon 2SAP HANA platform brings you to the forefront of innovative technology and opens up newer possibilities. It equips you with a strong agile base to help you accelerate your business powering it with well-found analytics. However, to achieve the maximum potential of this platform for your unique scenario, it is imperative that you collaborate with a firm that goes beyond cookie-cutter implementation programs and rather focuses on adapting to you.

A change of this magnitude translates to different challenges for organizations that already run on SAP and organizations that are evaluating a move to SAP.

For organizations that use SAP from the pre-HANA era, have a unique decision to take, they can either continue with the legacy environment and not participate in the phenomenal upcoming innovations where SAP is probably going to be disruptive for the next decade or they can take this opportunity to revisit their application set. At Echelon, our experts have hands on experience with this disruptive technology at SAP and are best equipped to work with you to identify your business requirements that are now made possible and help you create a blueprint and the way forward for your adoption of the SAP HANA on-premises or cloud or a combination.

img16For organizations that are grappling with the business case for the move to SAP and have not yet adopted SAP, our platinum level consultants who breathe and live SAP will be your best business partners to lead you through this change. Our partnership will empower you to reap maximum benefits with this breakthrough technology and ensuring that you are ready for the innovational upgrades in this area. Together we will look at the best strategy and business case to transition their current BW environment from Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) to HANA providing a solid foundation for developing critical business intelligence analytics to support well-considered business decisions.

photo-1422479516648-9b1f0b6e8da8-277x184“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” – Carly Fiorina

Our agile operation methodology together with a strong customer focus helps us work with you and define priorities according to your business requirements and partner with you to reap benefits of real-time analytics delivered through HANA.

With our Onshore + Offshore agile delivery model allows you to receive maximum cost benefits while adopting innovative technology. Our proof-of-concepts or the possibility of running of a pilot allows both, you to evaluate our service delivery, manage risk and support your business case to evangelize change at your organization.

Additionally our delivery model ensures that we transfer cost benefits back to you and deliver exemplary results and deliverables at much lower rates.

Specific to our SAP HANA suite of services we provide a complete end-to-end service suite from Assessment to Architecture to implementation and On-going support.

With our client-focused delivery philosophy, we walk you through the change management process and ensure that your business users are ready for the change and understand the impact of the new BW architecture ensuring that consumers are satisfied with the reports and analysis capabilities delivered during the finalization of our engagement.

To know more about our User-engagement model, Build-Operate-Transfer Methodology or to receive our client engagement case studies, send us your information at sales@echelonsg.com.