With the HANA Suite SAP is completely re-defining their database technology impacting their application platform architecture by introducing an innovative in-memory data platform that opens innumerable possibilities in the analytics space by making advanced real-time analytics work in parallel with real-time transaction loads.
SAP’s in-memory database technology is leading the innovation in business intelligence and analytics. However, this change affects the application logic written for pre-HANA times owing to a completely new database structure with a new analytical and transactional engine.

Echelon provides end-to-end services for SAP HANA including HANA cloud migration. With SAP HANA services, we provide you with the performance and agility you need for your business critical analytics while remaining cost effective.

Our SAP HANA suite of services includes
• Solution Architecture
• HANA Installation and Configuration
• HANA Administration
• Data Integration
• HANA Modeling
• Visualization
• BW Upgrades and Migrations