Mergers & Acquisitions

Companies are experiencing rapid growth via Mergers & Acquisitions or as a PE Firm, fast-growing global conglomerates are also very active in the merger and acquisitions space. With a multiple acquisition platform, IT strategy is crucial to successful merger integration and supports the success of future M&A activities.

Engage with Echelon during M & A activity if the following are applicable.

  • The need of a flexible and fast acquisition platform
  • Requiring exit from TSA
  • Limited to no support from selling entity’s IT or business experts
  • The need of Turnkey Solutions and ability to absorb ongoing acquisitions
  • Need for extensive Data Governance strategies due to a limitation of access to source systems

For these clients, the most common business solutions that are addressed by Echelon are:

  • Fully operative and managed, Industry Specific Cloud-based SAP Digital solutions such as:  
    • Corporate Finance, Treasury, Regional or Global Shared Services Solutions
    • Two-Tier ERP Solutions
    • Business Planning and Consolidations Solutions
    • Digital Boardroom Solutions
    • Global Supply Chain Solutions
    • Across Platform Analytics Solutions
    • Digital Transformation Services
  • SAP Legacy Systems Outsourcing Services
  • Cloud-focused Business/IT Systems Roadmap Services
  • Industry Specific Business Case Development Services

Why Echelon

Echelon has worked with several customers with an M&A growth strategy. The Echelon Advantage pricing module offers a way to consume our services to cover implementation and any additional ongoing support can be rolled into a monthly subscription model. All hours are packaged as a block of hours with consulting hours offered at a single blended rate. The customer gain with complete flexibility to consume hours based on current needs with a flat monthly fee. All new acquisitions or and any support help can be addressed through this model. Contact us to begin your journey.