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Cloud Migration

What is Cloud Migration?

Cloud Professional Services

The conversation around cloud computing for SAP customers has shifted from, if the journey should be undertaken, to when and how to make it. The proven benefits of agility, cost, performance, and reliability have made the cloud an inevitable move. A trusted and experienced SAP partner is crucial along all stages of the journey to ensure a smooth and successful adoption.

Cloud migration has proven to be the best answer to the questions of achieving scalability, driving business innovation, and improving efficiency, while creating cost-efficiency.

Although there are significant rewards to cloud computing, there are certainly risks involved. Cloud migration is a complex process that requires significant strategy and planning. Issues like security gaps or unexpected costs can occur and can be eliminated or lessened with a well-thought-out plan.

Due to our experience with numerous projects, we understand clients’ concerns while moving to the cloud and have the know-how to overcome these obstacles.

Our Services

Our services consist of assisting SAP customers in moving applications from one operating environment to another while prioritizing risks, fixing software vulnerabilities that may exist in clients’ applications and ensuring a full compliance with the new system.


• Design & optimize processes across public cloud (SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central) & managed private cloud (SAP Human Capital Management)

• Prepare your database for migration to SAP HANA


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