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ArganoEchelon Bundled Solutions

Data Harmonization Bundle

ArganoEchelon has created a Bundled Data Harmonization Package that utilizes proven Data Harmonization methodology & framework , a fixed 11-21 weeks (based on system complexity) consulting timeline and cost-effective pricing under $54,000. This bundled offering is ideal for any organization that is looking into carving out its Data Harmonization Journey, either in isolation or as part of a bigger Digital Transformation process.​​

11-21 weeks


< $54K


Bundle Benefits

  • improved decision making​
  • increased productivity​
  • improved compliance​
  • improved marketing​
  • enhanced customer service​
  • better market differentiation

Block equates to effort

  • One (1) Source System; with integration to maximum of Two (2) additional Target Systems
  • One (1) Business Entity
  • Maximum of Twenty-Five (25) associated characteristics e.g.Address, Contact Person, etc.
  • Maximum of 30,000 members per Business Entity i.e. Line Items

Determination Criteria

  • Structure -Data from different sources, or even different tables fromwithin the same source, could often refer to the same informationbut be structured entirely differently.​
  • Size -the amount of data you collect, Tall Data –tables that contain many rows and Wide Data –tables that contain many columns.​
  • Data Type -Different types of data have different rules, especiallysemi-& unstructured data.​
  • Dispersed Data -data stored in multiple locations.​
  • Growth rate -speed at which your data is growing or changing.

Additional Considerations

  • Query language -Different data sources speak different languages, SQL popular.
  • Level of detail -granularity at which the data requiresexploration.​