S/4 Financial Bundle

Echelon Solutions Group has created a Bundled Financial Implementation Package that utilizes proven S/4 Implementation Best Practices, a fixed 12 week implementation timeline and cost-effective implementation pricing under $150,000.  This bundled offering is ideal for new acquisitions, start-ups, companies with less complex operations as well as mid-market organizations.

Benefits of this Financial Implementation Bundle include:

  • Low-Risk Implementation
  • Fast Implementation (under 12 weeks)
  • Low-Cost Implementation (under $150,000)
  • Leveraging Remote Resources
  • Fast ROI
  • Immediate Financial Data and insight into your financials
  • S/4 introduction for some

(Echelon also offers other combinations of Licensing, Support, and Implementation bundles.)

S/4 Financial Bundled Offering

Technology Scope: S/4HANA Cloud Single Tenant

Interfaces: 330 hours allocated

Languages: English

Legal Entities: Up to 5 Entities

Data Migration: 320 hours = configuration and set up


Functional Scope:

  • Finance + Costing + S/4 Analytics
  • General Ledger
  • Account Payable
  • Account Receivable
  • Asset Accounting
  • Bank and Cash Journal
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Cost & Profit Center Accounting


  • Only SAP Best Practices/standard functionalities will be implemented, with no customization
  • S/4HANA standard-reports/analytical apps will be delivered as part of this project
  • Any deviation from the standard SAP S/4HANA best practices will go through a change order process
  • Customer will procure relevant hardware and licenses before the start of the implementation
  • No integration of SAP S/4HANA with any external systems except for an Interface to current back-end solution
  • Historical transactional data will not be uploaded in the new system
  • Echelon will use templated Financial bundle rollout
  • Standard delivered training/testing template documents will be delivered, but the actual training will be the responsibility of the customer

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