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ArganoEchelon Bundled Solutions

Master Data Governance (MDG) Bundle

ArganoEchelon offers a Bundled Financial Implementation Package that utilizes proven S/4 implementation best practices, a  fixed 20-24 week timeline and cost-effective pricing under $750,000.
This bundled offering is ideal for new acquisitions, start-ups, companies  with less complex operations as well as mid-market organizations.

20-24 weeks


< $750K


Bundle Benefits

  • Pre-defined SAP MDG solutions adhering to SAP’s best practices with flexibility for customization to adapt to the business requirements
  • Workflow templates delivering business rule-based sequential and parallel workflows
  • Setting up of Validation and Derivation Rules to manage data entry to ensure data quality as per business requirements
  • Focused, efficient, fast and low-cost implementation

Bundle Scope

Technology Scope

  • SAP MDG solutions: for Product, Business Partner/ Customer and Supplier
  • Scenarios: Consolidation and Mass Processing, Central Governance and Data Quality Management
  • Standard Roles and Authorizations,
  • Interfaces: No third-party interfaces
  • Tool: MDG on S4HANA 2020

Out of Scope

  • Data profiling, cleansing and mapping
  • Any customization to the standard SAP MDG solutions (i.e.; Data Model, UI, Business Validation Rules, Approval workflows)

Scope Assumptions

  • Only standard MDG functionalities will be tested as part of the implementation project during functional testing
  • Any deviation from the standard functions / customization will go through the Change Management process
  • The client teams will be involved for testing of the MDG solutions / functionalities
  • The customer will procure relevant hardware and licenses for deployment of the DG Bundle
  • No integration with any external third-party systems
  • Standard delivered training/testing template documents will be delivered, but the actual training will be the responsibility of the customer
  • Enhancements to the bundled solutions will need extra efforts and timelines