OCM Bundle

OCM Bundled Offering

Organizational Change Management (OCM) is critical to achieve success and allow your organization to thrive in the future state. We roll-up our sleeves to understand your organization’s specific objectives, culture, and challenges and develop recommendations to support stakeholder engagement, communication planning and management, job and role alignment, training and competency development, and transition and sustainability to optimize your return on investment.

OCM Approach


The OCM bundle includes a thorough assessment that provides the insights and recommendations needed to develop an impactful, tailored change management plan. This assessment provides your organization with the framework to drive change adoption and optimize the benefits of the implementation.

Engagement Details

Time Duration:  4 to 6 weeks


  • Stakeholder Analysis Results
  • Change Management Plan Recommendations and Next Steps

Stakeholder Analysis and Change Management Plan Recommendation Approach

The Stakeholder Analysis reveals key information about your organization such as:

  • Level of awareness of the change
  • Level of excitement about / resistance to the change
  • Key stakeholder groups that require specific attention to increase engagement
  • Training gaps that should be addressed throughout the project lifecycle
  • Communications gaps that should be addressed throughout the project lifecycle
  • Stakeholder groups to focus on during job and role alignment
  • Adoption metrics to consider


  • All stakeholder groups will be identified by the end of the first week of engagement
  • Assessment interviews will be completed within 2-4 weeks depending on availability of the interviewees
  • The assessment provides recommendations to develop a comprehensive, tailored change management plan
  • The assessment approach assumes the project is in the initiation, planning or early execution phase, but can be adjusted as needed
  • Any needs outside the scope of this bundle can be addressed via a change order

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