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ArganoEchelon Bundled Solutions

SAP S/4HANA Automation Testing Bundle

ArganoEchelon has created a Bundled Automation Testing Package that utilizes proven S/4 testing Best Practices, a fixed, 15 week implementation timeline with *single run and cost-effective pricing  under $230,000.
This bundled offering is ideal for organizations that rely heavily on manual testing and spend considerable efforts, that have several test scripts, that do not have a dedicated testing team and that want to utilize offshore services to allocate their own resources judiciously

15 weeks


< $230K


Bundle Benefits

  • Low Risk
  • One time effort to automate all scripts
  • Low-cost automation
  • Leveraging Remote Resources
  • Fast ROI on Testing
  • Immediate Automation Testing Data and insight into your application
  • Solid Automation Testing foundation that will support future growth plans

Bundle Scope

 Technology Scope

  • S/4HANA Cloud Single Tenant

Functional Scope

  • SD -70 Scripts
  • MM -50 Scripts
  • FICO -40 Scripts
  • PPQM -30 Scripts
  • Interfaces -50 Scripts
  • Miscellaneous -10 Scripts

Scope Assumptions

  • Only SAP Best Practices / standard functionalities basedscripts are in scope
  • Customer will procure relevant software and licenses before the start of the project
  • TricentisTosca is considered as Test Automation Tool, it should be setup and ready to use. If this setup is requiredthen it would be additional efforts
  • MicroFocusALM/ Jira is set up and ready to as Test and Defect Management Tool with user creation
  • Manual Test Cases are created and uploaded into the Test Management Tool along-with result
  • 250 Test Automation Scripts are considered for preparation and execution
  • 1 Automation Suite Execution is considered per quarter, Total 4 in a year
  • Standard delivered training/testing template documents will be delivered, but the actual training will be the responsibility of the customer