Echelon's SAP Monitoring Center (ESMoC)

Echelon’s SAP Monitoring Center(ESMoC)Introduction

With the world finding ways of co-existing with the Covid’19 pandemic, it is essential for us to make sure our client’s SAP. Landscapes are running as expected from both Technical and Business Process perspectives. This is a challenge we all have to think about considering various restrictions by government or self-imposed that are in force and may be adopted for the near future such as Social Distancing at workplaces or having a certain percentage of the workforce work remotely. In this new world, eye-on-the-glass monitoring of customer’s SAP systems may not be possible. SAP System monitoring challenges of the customer can be –

▪ Absence of a Single Dashboard view and unstable systems

▪ Complex and growing number of interfaces

▪ Continuous Business improvements

▪ Critical Business Processes / Real-time experiences

▪ Rapidly detecting critical situations

▪ Lack of Operational Transparency and complex interfacing between systems

So, we need to find the right approach for –

✓ Monitoring SAP systems

✓ Displaying the monitored data along

✓ Alerting mechanism, not only email alerting

✓ Handling the alerts in a correct systematic way that can be tracked

We have come up with a service – Echelon’s SAP Monitoring Control Center to address the customer’s SAP system

monitoring challenges.



How will ESMoC Help?

Non-SAP Systems

ESMOC offers monitoring of non-Sap systems in business landscape

Critical Business Processes / Real time experiences

ESMOC closely works with end business to identify, monitor Business Processes, and establish End user experience monitoring

Rapidly detecting critical situations

ESMOC sets up industrialized monitoring operations by means of features such as Alert Tickers on large screens, Siren sounds for Critical alerts, Hot desks for SMEs which results in greater handling of critical issues and reduction in turnaround time.

Lack of Operational Transparency and complex interfacing between systems

ESMOC brings in transparency by means of single view of all the landscape. ESMOC works with Business to identify, monitor, and address issues with complex interfacing systems.

Absence of Single Dashboard view and unstable systems

ESMOC provides customized dashboards for business monitoring, incident management, key KPIs. All the landscape can be monitored and managed from ESMOC. This helps in addressing system stability issues by working on problem management areas.

Continuous Business improvements

By working closely with business and IT, ESMOC will analyze and establish clear KPIs and improvement areas for betterment of business outcomes. CI dashboards will help in achieving these improvements.

Complex and growing number of interfaces

ESMOC will provide consolidated and integrated dashboard view for all 3rd party interfaces making it easier to identify and react on issues promptly.

Unstable systems causing business downtimes

Management dashboards customized according to systems in the landscape provide real time performance and availability snapshots. ESMOC will work on problem management areas to reduce downtimes.

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