SAP Hybris

SAP Hybris Integration Services

E-commerce is essentially driven by customer expectation and experience. The customer experience is key to repeat business, especially with the demands on evolving systems and features to accommodate the future. With competition soaring and new technology advancements, businesses are forced to revamp their approach to not just sustain, but to constantly innovate.

What is SAP Hybris?

SAP Hybris is positioned as a Leader in commerce solutions and Omni-channel customer engagement quadrants. The platform is a consolidated, digitalized, intuitive information system platform. It can connect customers, suppliers and potential clients to capitalize on new business opportunities, in addition to improving the overall experience of the existing operations.

SAP Hybris is designed to suit the B2B and B2C needs of existing and potential customers, with its ability to work on high volume, high data, and high transaction models, it’s a revolution waiting to happen, with us well poised to help enrich customer experience by bringing our consolidated consulting experience to bear to help develop the business strategy/roadmap.


  • Customer-centric approach in transforming business processes, leading to a truly digital experience
  • Omni-channel commerce with an emphasis on the touchpoint revolving around the customer and suppliers
  • Organisations can stay ahead of the competition by supporting the end customer touchpoint, incorporating predictive, sentimental analysis
  • Hybris enables organizations to be able to expand markets, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and offer customers and partners seamless access to information

Why Echelon

Echelon along with our Strategic Partner, Bridge-X Solutions, offer prepackaged accelerators, and industry-specific solutions to deliver to the end customer.

Specific Solutions Include

  • B2B Connect for Commerce – (Wholesale Fashion and Goods)
  • B2B Connect for Sales – (Wholesale Fashion and Goods)
  • B2B Connect for Mobile sales – (Wholesale Fashion)