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In a digital world with cut-throat competition in every industry, organizations need not only offer innovative products and services but also deliver a compelling and consistent customer experience. Leveraging intelligent technologies such as IoT, ML, and AI, Intelligent enterprises will be able to create superior, personalized, and enriched customer experience creating differentiator for themselves.

Intelligent Enterprise innovates processes, machines, and even people to empower organizations to grow faster and get a competitive edge in an ever-changing, dynamic environment. In today’s dynamic world, organizations often get disoriented, battling with too much data, from various systems operating in silos. So, taking decisions based on accurate and appropriate data are more critical to stay ahead of the competition.

With SAP Intelligent Enterprise solutions, organizations are now able to use data, people and enterprise assets in an aggregated and unique way.

This will enable strategy owners to make decisions driven by data, thus emphasizing the importance of data in decision-making.

The Digital to The Intelligence Era
The Digital to The Intelligence Era

Echelon Intelligent Enterprise Platform helps companies make the right investments, navigate complexity and realize value quickly.

The platform fosters collaboration along the entire enterprise transformation journey through a simplified, unified and guided approach.

It starts with design thinking to identify specific business challenges and differentiators, and intelligent tools that assess current systems, processes, data and architecture against leading industry practices. Automation capabilities help to rapidly create a client-specific business case, roadmap and solution prototype.

Echelon Intelligent Enterprise Platform embeds SAP Model Company services – pre-packaged, ready-to-use, end-to-end reference services tailored to an industry or line of business.

ArganoEchelon The Digital to The Intelligence Era

Intelligent technologies will drive a next-generation value economy

Advances in Machine Learning are enabling algorithms to become highly accurate in natural language understanding and in image and speech recognition. Businesses can use these increasingly sophisticated capabilities to drive the next level of intelligent business- processes automation and eliminate repetitive manual tasks.

Focus areas :

SAP Intelligent Suite innovates ERP technologies by connecting traditional ERP with Machine Learning, Big Data & Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things (IoT), thus bringing more flexibility to business operations and making them faster than ever before.

Echelon solutions encompasses all components of SAP Intelligent Enterprise offering including Intelligent Suite (iERP), Digital Platform, and Intelligent Technologies.

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What We Do?

We help organizations turn into Intelligent Enterprises by assisting at every step of their digital transformation journey.

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Who We Help?

We help global companies throughout diverse industries and offer industry-specific solutions.

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Why Choose Us?

Echelon puts end-user client experience first and adapt as per your business needs through effective collaboration.

Rethink your Business Strategy.
Prepare your Organization for the Digital Age.

ArganoEchelon SAP solutions can assist you in reshaping your company’s future. Expedite your digital transformation journey.