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SAP Analytics Cloud

What is SAP Analytics Cloud?

SAP Analytics Cloud (or SAP Cloud for Analytics) is a software as a service (SaaS) business intelligence (BI) platform designed by SAP. Analytics Cloud is made specifically with the intent of providing all analytics capabilities to all users in one product.

SAP Analytics Cloud allows data analysts and business decision makers to visualize, plan and make predictions all from one secure, cloud-based environment. SAP claims this differs from other BI platforms, which often require data to be integrated from various sources and users to jump between different applications when performing tasks, such as creating reports. With all the data sources and analytics functions in one product, Analytics Cloud users can work more efficiently, according to SAP. The key functions are accessed from the same user interface that is designed for ease-of-use for business users.

Echelon Services Offering
  1. Integrating Analytics Cloud with various source systems
  • •   Configure and access all your data using available data connectors for SAP and Non-SAP Systems
  • •   Configure and access the live data connection to a remote system without replicating data but querying it directly with SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA, SAP BPC, SAP BW, BW/4HANA, SAP Universe
  1. Analytics Development
  • •   Build insightful data visualizations and storyboards that engage and inspire respective LOB.
  • •   Create compelling visualizations of business communications, with help from best practices and proven standards for design
  • •   Enhance the standard Cloud Analytics Model and Story as per the customer requirement
  1. Planning Development
  • •  Configure, build and enhance planning scenarios
  • •  Install the standard Planning business content
  1. Implementation of Digital Boardroom

What are the key benefits of using SAP Analytics Cloud?

Reduce IT dependency
  •  • Advancements in UX and Data visualisation mean that SAC works well as a self-service tool
  •  • It is also simpler to control access for individuals / teams without any unnecessary complexity.
Predictive and planning
  •  • SAC allows predictive analytics to be available at the visualisation stage, turning a line graph into a forecast visualisation with advanced options available.
  •  • Planning Models are particularly useful, where you can set budget / forecast scenarios.
  •  • With web conferences, annotations and comment threads on dashboards collaboration for teams is simple.
  •  • Mobile capability also gives SAC an edge with team collaboration.
Digital Boardroom
  •  • This is an aesthetically attractive feature of SAP Analytics Cloud, something which provides cutting-edge data visualisation in a transparent manner for executives to explore, drill down and gain insights.

SAC has following components

  1. SAP Analytics Cloud for Business Intelligence
  •  • Augmented Analytics: Deep insights in less time
  •  • Search to Insight: A quick way to find answers
  •  • Smart Insights: Instant Explanations
  •  • Smart Discovery: Easily reveal insights
  1. SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning
    •  • Decide on the Fly: Strategize and act in the moment
    •  • Value Driver Tree: Visualize the impact of your decisions
    •  • Data Entry: Quick and effective Planning
    •  • SAP Digital boardroom
    •  • SAP Digital Boardroom invites leaders to interact with insights and simulate the impact of decisions on the company in real-time. The unique and engaging user experience works with your SAP Analytics Cloud subscription to help executives steer with a 360° view of the company.
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