Cloud Essentials Edition (ES):

(formerly known as Multi-Tenant Edition)

Multi-tenant is an architecture where multiple companies share the same infrastructure to store their business data. The infrastructure is designed so that business information is partitioned keeping data belonging to each company separate and secure. A good analogy of this is multiple tenants occupying an apartment block. Tenants have their own units and are able to configure their own living space however they want to.

Features of SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Multi-Tenant Edition :

  • The system is cloud-hosted with SAP, taking away your worries about maintaining the technical installation yourself.
  • The solution is more popular with growing businesses as costs are generally lower than single-tenant solutions.
  • With resource pooling, there are considerable savings in hardware and power.
  • The system always runs the latest version of S/4 because upgrades are pushed quarterly.
  • Simplifications are applied to reduce complexity and to encourage more involvement in the business.
  • Multi-tenancy has seamless forced upgrades as upgrades don’t require any level of per-user intervention when other users are upgraded simultaneously.