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What is SAP C/4 HANA?

In today’s world, IT businesses are looking for Mobile-First applications that provide seamless experience to their customers across devices anytime, anywhere. The key ask is to provide a mobile first, digitally enabled omni channel experience to their customers. To meet the new age customer’s expectations, the companies are investing heavily in technologies that will bring a new standard in customer experience.

In this context, SAP’s C/4 HANA, a 4th generation, in-memory suite will become handy to the companies to address the emerging business models. In the era of modern way of doing business, where lines and channels are getting blurred, more enemies are becoming frenemies and new start-ups are rewriting the rules of the businesses, SAP followed the same by acquiring market leading products like Hybris (commerce), Calliduscloud (Sales), Coresystems (Customer Service), Gigya (Customer Data) and regrouping the current hybris portfolio products in to a new age digital front office suite C/4 HANA.

Solutions that are offered by SAP C/4HANA portfolio:

• SAP Marketing Cloud
• SAP Commerce Cloud
• SAP Sales Cloud
• SAP Service Cloud
• SAP Customer Data Cloud

The picture below depicts the C/4 HANA offerings integrated with back office S/4 HANA.

As part of new branding SAP Customer Experience, SAP has consolidated all the cloud solutions that are marketed under Hybris brand and SAP’s commerce and customer engagement organization earlier with the recently acquired CX solutions.

New CX solutions merged into C/4 HANA Suite:

• Calliduscloud is now part of SAP Sales Cloud
• Coresystems is now part of SAP Service Cloud
• Gigya is now part of SAP Customer Data Cloud

Offering of C/4 HANA Suite

• A complete end to end solution across all horizontals of CRM
• SAP Customer Experience that consolidates SAP Hybris, Calliduscloud, Gigya, and Core systems under one brand for a simplified experience
• 4th Generation CRM Solution focusing on ME2b instead of B2B or B2C
• Front office (C/4 HANA) integrated with backend S/4 HANA
• Integration of entire value chain to make the best customer experience
• Additional capabilities of CPQ and CLM with Calliduscloud
• Powerful Crowd Service technology to leverage outside service technicians and real-time scheduling using artificial intelligence with Coresystems
• Customer self-service and proactive field service in Service space
• Transparency and Data control through SAP Gigya
• Built-in machine learning capabilities across sales, service, marketing and commerce

Why Echelon

At Echelon, we have a deep understanding of the modern consumer with a robust knowledge of e-commerce and the integration of SAP C4/HANA to other native and legacy systems. Our custom solutions can assess system inventories, security requirements, and other unique integration and user interface customization features. Contact us to start today!

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SAP Commerce Cloud is the foundation for your digital customer platform

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SAP Sales Cloud empowers sales teams to engage with customers throughout their buying journey in a more meaningful way.

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