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SAP Marketing Cloud

SAP Marketing Cloud

SAP Marketing Cloud helps you understand your customers at the individual level and intelligently engage with them at scale, providing real-time performance insights and data-driven decision making.

SAP Marketing Cloud allows you as a marketing specialist to understand your customers better: what you have done, what you will do and, most importantly, what you are doing right now. You provide insights into the motives and needs that motivate all customers – in real time. Use this knowledge to address your customers across all channels in a relevant, enthusiastic and personalised manner.

What SAP Marketing Cloud Offers
  • • Big Data Management
  • • Big Data & Advanced Analytics
  • • Target groups and segmentation
  • • Content & design
  • • Real-time recommendations and campaign optimisation
  • • Performance measurement and campaign development
Value adds for Customers
  • • Leading solution for Omni-channel customer communication
  • • KPI-driven alignment, control and evaluation of your marketing activities
  • • Contextual real-time marketing across all touchpoints
  • • Flexible and scalable platform for integrated, automated marketing
  • • Market-leading solution according to Forrester and Gartner evaluation
Benefits of SAP Commerce Cloud
  • • Real-Time Offer Management / Personalised Content
  • • Big Data segmentation
  • • Lead nurturing / lead scoring
  • • The double opt-in process according to GDPR
  • • Scoring
  • • Web tracking / social crawling / listening
Why Echelon

At Echelon, we have a deep understanding of the modern consumer with a robust knowledge of e-commerce and the integration of SAP C4/HANA to other native and legacy systems. Our custom solutions can assess system inventories, security requirements, and other unique integration and user interface customization features. Contact us to start today!

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What We Do?

We help organizations turn into Intelligent Enterprises by assisting at every step of their digital transformation journey.

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Who We Help?

We help global companies throughout diverse industries and offer industry-specific solutions.

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Why Choose Us?

Echelon puts end-user client experience first and adapt as per your business needs through effective collaboration.

Rethink your Business Strategy.
Prepare your Organization for the Digital Age.

Echelon SAP solutions can assist you in reshaping your company’s future. Expedite your digital transformation journey.