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SAP Sales Cloud

SAP Sales Cloud: Sales Manager

SAP Sales Cloud empowers sales teams to engage with customers throughout their buying journey in a more meaningful way. It provides insights to improve productivity and sales performance. SAP Sales Cloud is more than just classic Customer Relationship Management (CRM): optimise sales processes – inspire customers – work on a mobile basis and independently. From seller to customer care representative: you have customer data, evaluations and sales forecasts always to hand, exchange information easily with colleagues and already know today what your customers will want tomorrow. With SAP Sales Cloud, you can target your customer processes at any time, from anywhere.

SAP CPQ – Configure, Price and Quote (formerly Callidus Cloud)

Through flexible and efficient offer price configuration, you can maximise your business dealings and thereby secure your margins. You can also optimise the contract conclusion process via a custom-fit Contract Cycle Management. In a word, with SAP CPQ you get the optimal complement for your sales processes.

What SAP Sales Cloud Offers

  • • Simple and central management of contacts, leads, opportunities and offers
  • • Location and device-independent availability of all relevant information
  • • Intuitive user guidance and latest user design
  • • Intelligent analysis & forecast functionalities
  • • Integration of e-mail, calendar and telephony
  • • Machine Learning: identify promising leads and opportunities automatically

Value add for Customers

  • • Faster business transactions through intelligent sales management
  • • More turnover through optimal customer support
  • • More time for customers through comprehensive reduction of administrative workload
  • • Highest degree of user acceptance through the latest user guidance and interface design
  • • Seamless and efficient cooperation between all sales team participants


  • • Next Best Action
  • • Lead Intelligence
  • • Comprehensive collaboration
  • • Sales management
  • • Real time reporting
  • • Use cross-selling and upselling potentials
  • • Sales planning and pipeline simulation

Why Echelon

At Echelon, we have a deep understanding of the modern consumer with a robust knowledge of e-commerce and the integration of SAP CPQ to other native and legacy systems. Our custom solutions can assess system inventories, security requirements, and other unique integration and user interface customization features. Contact us to start today!

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