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SAP Service Cloud

SAP Service Cloud

SAP Service Cloud offers a personalized customer service before, during, and after a purchase. It strengthens Omni-channel engagement and service support and it resolves customer requests faster. Strengthening customer relations through digitalised end-to-end service processes. Completely re-focus your customer service with SAP Service Cloud. Introduce your customers to a consistent experience across all channels, allow your service employees easy access to comprehensive, contextual information – even on a mobile basis – and give your service managers real-time insights into the service of your call centre and sales force.

SAP FSM (Field Service Management, formerly coresystems) – meet service requirements in real time

The all-in-one solution SAP Field Service Management (FSM, formerly coresystems) in combination with the SAP Service Cloud forms the basis for efficient operational planning by your technicians on site. What’s more, SAP FSM also offers Crowd Service functionalities as standard, allowing you to address customer service questions faster, more purposefully and in real time, and thus deliver excellent service.

What SAP Service Cloud Offers
  • • Guaranteed compliance with the latest data protection guidelines
  • • Contextual information management
  • • Collaboration and knowledge management
  • • Mobility and maximum usability
  • • Self-Service portals
  • • Comprehensive analysis and report functionalities
  • • Comfortable solution connection to the central SAP backend
Value add for Customers
  • • Excellent customer relations and thus satisfied customers
  • • Lower processing times and costs
  • • Motivated employees
  • • Optimised/higher solution rates
  • • Efficient turnover and cost planning
  • • Additional cross-selling and upselling opportunities
  • • Service Ticket Intelligence
  • • IoT (Internet of Things) Services
  • • SAP Asset Intelligence
  • • Predictive Maintenance
  • • Customer Loyalty
  • • Ressourcenmanagement / Crowd Service
Why Echelon

At Echelon, we have a deep understanding of the modern consumer with a robust knowledge of e-commerce and the integration of SAP Service cloud to other native and legacy systems. Our custom solutions can assess system inventories, security requirements, and other unique integration and user interface customization features. Contact us to start today!

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