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SAP S/4HANA Cloud Essentials Edition (ES)

Cloud Essentials Edition (ES):

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(formerly known as Multi-Tenant Edition)

SAP S/4HANA Cloud Essentials Edition (ES) can be deployed for net new customers that want to embrace the cloud as their core strategy. Regular features such as quarterly upgrades that include new configurations and new software come with this version. The best-used case for this deployment is for associated companies of large organizations that are on-prem or even the ES.

Salient features of this version:

  • • Infrastructure: only SAP can host this while the cloud space is shared with other customers.
  • • License: SaaS model
  • • Upgrades: mandatory and prescribed quarterly patches/upgrades
  • • Scope: limited ERP (a subset of full ERP), limited industry solutions and available for only operations in only 42 countries
  • • Extensibility: achieved through SAP Cloud Platform (whitelisted APIs.)
  • • Configuration: restricted (unlike full ERP) using SSCUIs. IMG and SPRO, which are available and can be used in full ERP, is not available for configuration.
  • • Implementation: New only. Upgrade or brownfield is not allowed
  • • Access – only FIORI. SAP-GUI access is not allowed.
  • • Useful links –
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