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The purpose of the Discovery service, one of the most important aspects of S/4 digital journey, is to understand the existing landscape and processes and assess them against S/4 features and capabilities. While most customers are sure of their landscape and business processes, in reality there is more than what is visible. This happens primarily because over the years as the business evolves, the systems and processes do too. The demand from business brings in different software (and their versions), heavy customization, disconnected systems all of which lead to complexity. Analyzing the landscape and the business processes becomes a daunting task but given its proven methodology and templates, Echelon conducts this assessment like a process in itself. Echelon believes, that at the end of this exercise businesses not only understand the new IT solution but also identify opportunities for business transformation and value addition.

Snapshot of Echelon Methodology

1. Engage all stakeholders – Review the Company vision, mission, objectives and the strategy to reach the objectives together to make sure they are known and understood by everyone.

2. As-Is Study – conduct a thorough assessment of the existing landscape and processes

3. S/4 Strategy Planning – Define together the Project objectives and strategy to reach the objectives to make sure they are clear and understood by everyone. Also make sure they are aligned with the Company vision, mission, objectives and strategy.

4. Key Performance Indicators – Define together one or several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the value (success) of the project objectives, e.g. 10 new customers per month, 10 % more sales volume via the online channel, 5% fewer complaint transactions via the call center, etc.

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