SAP S/4HANA provides broad functionality and a high-degree of flexibility with ERP applications designed for global organizations in all industries. Deployed in your data center or a private cloud environment, SAP S/4HANA is an intelligent ERP solution using advanced technology to support operational excellence while offering maximum control for your corporation.

Key Benefits

  • On-premise or private cloud deployment
  • Native integration with LoB cloud solutions from SAP
  • Leverages SAP HANA, in-memory computing
  • Intuitive SAP Fiori user experience
  • Empower business users with live information from across your operations, enabling you to act in the moment and respond quickly to changing conditions.
  • Move beyond automation to contextual, role-based suggestion and autonomy, to improve productivity and support informed decision-making.
  • Connect workflows across every part of your enterprise and your entire value chain to increase productivity, improve collaboration, and drive innovation.

Deployment Options

  • SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud provides all the underline privately managed infrastructure with optional Application Management Services within SAP’s managed data centers. Customers now have the option of signing up with SAP’s HEC, a Subscription Service for Managed Infrastructure and Software Licenses.
  • On-Premise Options include Appliance or tailored Data Center Integration. Thru the Appliance option customers can use pre-configured hardware and preinstalled software. With a tailored Data Center integration Echelon uses existing hardware and infrastructure resulting in increased flexibility and control.

Echelon’s Expertise
Echelon is a one of three original SAP HEC Global Partners and continues to be one of less than ten global HEC-AMS partners. Our leadership worked with the HEC organization since its inception and has jointly worked in a multitude of global SAP deployments. Echelon’s cloud-first approach and extensive experience with S/4HANA allows our customers to benefit from our lean and repeatable implementation approach.

Echelon was first to the market in SAP S/4HANA with successful implementations in Heavy Equipment Manufacturing, OEM, and Wholesale Distribution. We provide:

  • Greenfield implementations
  • Technical upgrades from Legacy SAP environments to S/4HANA Cloud environment
  • Two-tier ERP strategies

Configure SAP S/4HANA to meet your individual business needs with capabilities for every line of business as well as industry-specific functionality. With on-premise and private cloud environments, you can deploy a solution that suits the requirements of your organization. Contact us to start your digital transformation journey. Our experts can help develop the business case and a roadmap to start your cloud journey.