SAP S/4HANA Migrations

Once a company has decided to implement SAP S/4HANA, they are faced with another key decision: How do we go about implementing the platform? How do we move our data? Echelon can evaluate your current IT landscape, technical prerequisites, target software versions, and business case in order to select the right migration path: Brownfield, Greenfield, or a Hybrid/Phased approach.


Brownfield implementation projects require the complete migration of legacy environments, including master and transactional data as far back as legally required. This is the preferred option for those interested in a focus on re-engineering and process simplification based on the latest innovations. A brownfield implementation can innovative business processes with best-practice content on a new platform, perform an initial data load from legacy systems, and retire the old landscape.


In a greenfield environment, you are starting fresh with most of the master data being converted, but most transactional data will be archived or discarded. This is the preferred option for those wanting to:

  • Bring business processes to a new platform.
  • Adopt new innovations at their speed.
  • Utilize best practices as the guiding principle.


With a Hybrid (or Phased) approach, the implementation occurs gradually. This can be approached in various ways: by country or division. The first step is to convert Master data followed by transactions.

Why Echelon

At Echelon, we understand that several factors influence which migration path is best for your organization. We leverage our extensive S/4HANA experience to develop and execute the most appropriate migration plan for your company. Contact us to get started!