Two-Tier ERP

When businesses plan on using an ERP, a robust system at the corporate level is implemented with template versions rolled out to subsidiaries. The overhead cost to accommodate the individual unique requirement leads to multiple custom applications or configurations, resulting in a complex IT landscape.

A Two-Tier ERP is a classic solution for organizations to accommodate legacy systems while including the custom industry-specific functionalities that play a crucial role in the operation of the business.

Benefits of Two-Tier ERP Systems

  • Cost savings in the overall investment rather than the perceived cost of implementing and maintaining the systems.
  • The ability for the subsidiaries to make independent decisions on operations and policies that drives their businesses.
  • Responding to the local or region-specific business needs or industry-specific workflows as and when needed rather than going in for global system change management exercise.
  • Adaptability to the constant functional and technical Innovations and upgrades independent of the global ERP.
  • Cloud or On-premise deployment options.
  • Luxury of maintaining an existing Legacy ERP system in parallel.

Why Echelon

As an advisor, Echelon and our team of Architects have been crucial to our large customers on the various options around implementing a Two-Tier ERP solution with SAP at a corporate level and S/4HANA Cloud in a subsidiary.

As a reseller, Echelon becomes a one-stop shop to address the business needs of a potential or existing customer, giving an added advantage in the negotiation process with SAP. Echelon understands the paramount importance on the data integration between the two systems and the need for both the systems to exchange information seamlessly.

Echelon has been a partner to a diverse clientele across industry verticals and also has been able to ramp up aligning to the complexity and the size of the customer. Echelon is a key partner to implement and maintain such complex systems.

With the experience in implementing and managing SAP systems – Legacy, SAP Business One and Cloud-based solutions, Echelon has emerged as the vendor of choice for Two-Tier ERP solution.

If your company has M&A activity, Echelon can provide expertise on two-tier cloud strategies and provide demos to showcase how the two systems will integrate. Contact us today to get started.