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Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

Need for consumer product companies to seek digital foundation  

Constant disruption continues to push consumer product companies to address challenges and explore new opportunities. Consumers of today expect the brand to know their choice, get the product when they need it at the best prices. Thus, it is now vital for consumer products (CP) companies to enhance the user experience by reimagining business processes and business models.  

Moreover, new competitors, empowered customers and channel partners are all set to give a tough competition through private-label products. CP companies need a unique growth strategy so that they can evaluate their technology platform offering real-time transactions and connectivity to support networks too. Through intelligent technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, advanced analytics and Machine Learning, top consumer products companies can switch to event-driven businesses. Besides, they can also automate repetitive tasks and enable employees to focus on critical activities or invent new revenue streams.  


SAP S/4HANA for consumer products companies  

Intelligent technology coupled with SAP S/4HANA leads to a flexible intelligent enterprise. Companies need to rely on Intelligent ERP to achieve next-generation business processes and enhance innovative business services. Consumer products companies can make the best use of SAP S/4HANA to adopt ideal industry practices and achieve operational excellence across the full value chain. Synergy for mergers and the creation of new business models can now be accelerated.  

Through intuitive and responsive SAP Fiori, user experience across all devices can boost productivity with the new role-based way of working. Moreover, desktop clients can be eliminated, testing costs and data footprint can be reduced. Be it in inventory turnover rate, reduction in IT operation, or personnel costs, SAP S/4HANA is an ideal choice if consumer product companies look for long term growth. 

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Echelon has Earned SAP Recognized Expertise Designation in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry


for its Customer Excellence and Delivery Capability.

SAP Recognized Expertise designation is considered a highly regarded recognition of a partner’s competency.
SAP Recognized Expertise is a designation awarded to organizations by SAP for their excellence in focused solutions or industries. This designation recognizes the expertise and competencies of SAP partners to distinguish their capabilities from competitors in the market. The requirements include having trained and certified individuals in a focus area or industry and a track record of customer success and satisfaction. Echelon Solution Group was verified for consultant expertise, customer excellence, and delivery capability

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