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Helping construction companies to reengineer business processes 

Although construction companies got a massive scope in upcoming years, there are high chances of projects getting complicated, and wasteful practices also need to be eliminated. Most of the top companies strive to increase market share on the international level and even operate their assets too.

 In order to keep up with changing times, construction companies need to reengineer business processes and assess if they got the ideal technology platform to serve their vision. Thus, a robust IT architecture offering long-term reliability and flexibility in specific areas of core enterprise processes where maximum change happens is needed.

Intelligent ERP to make things easy 

Intelligent ERP offers real-time transactions and analytics, flexibility to work with Big Data, and enable supporting processes i.e., sourcing networks. It helps to make the connection between project progress and financial controls. Further, it is helpful to keep transparency, strengthen partnerships and enable new models such as integrated project delivery contracts.

Digital transformation in the construction industry 

Since the digital economy is disruptive, it is now crucial for construction companies to have strategic priorities in order to drive transformation. SAP can be helpful to set end-to-end (E2E) business scenarios to work in a digital environment. With the seamless transfer of data, the transition from the construction phase to the operational phase is now easy.

Since construction companies always design, build, or deliver projects, it is important to have a connected supply chain of contractors or material suppliers. Now supply chain can be improved through digitalization as there will not be any delays. Safety in construction companies can be enhanced through SAP. Unlike the traditional way of keeping manual timesheets, time can be saved through automation. Through Machine Learning, IoT, and robots, risks at work can be eliminated by the faster response and following safety standards with ease.

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Echelon has Earned SAP Recognized Expertise Designation in the Engineering Construction and Operations Industry


for its Customer Excellence and Delivery Capability.

SAP Recognized Expertise designation is considered a highly regarded recognition of a partner’s competency.
SAP Recognized Expertise is a designation awarded to organizations by SAP for their excellence in focused solutions or industries. This designation recognizes the expertise and competencies of SAP partners to distinguish their capabilities from competitors in the market. The requirements include having trained and certified individuals in a focus area or industry and a track record of customer success and satisfaction. Echelon Solution Group was verified for consultant expertise, customer excellence, and delivery capability

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