Beyond the Crisis:

What has the Supply Chain learned in 2020


Beyond COVID 19 as the dust begins to settle, companies will be able to assess the damage and look back to determine what they learned with this crisis.  What strategies were appropriate and paid off and which ones were inefficient or harmful.

At this moment, it is time to start doing the forensics on everything that happened in 2020, bring those learnings to the table in order to redefine strategies, and reprioritize initiatives (or just go back to the drawing board altogether).

Topics Discussed:
  • What are the key operational and strategic aspects that need to be changed?
  • Are there new elements that were not on the radar when the last long term plan or next year budget was presented which are now front and center.

Date :  June 30th, 2020

Time : 11 AM CST | 9.30 PM IST

Duration: 30 Minutes